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The individuals listed here offer a variety of services. We've been to see these folks and confirmed that they are friendly and offer confidential service. We encourage you to take advantage of their hospitality and willingness to help us; show your appreciation by giving them your business and tell them you learned about them here.

Jon Davis


400 West Mary Street
Austin, TX 78704

(512) 444-3087

Jon Davis specializes in transformation make-up and appearance design, uniting the art of contouring with the image one wishes to project to create an attractive and believable new you! Jon's transformation make-up is based on his own experience after living as a woman in Houston and Austin, Texas for five years. He believes that every transgenderist, especially those new to the art, should have image counseling to ensure success in creating their own unique style. Privacy and discretion are assured. 

Abba Wigs Salon

Abba Wigs Salon

1105 Kramer Lane
Austin, TX 78758

(512) 371-3701

Very TG friendly and discreet. For many years, Bonnie Friedman has helped trans people with selecting and styling wigs that suite their needs.

Ivi Brown

Ivi Brown - Freelance Hairstylist and Photographer

(214) 210-7970 (texting preferred)

Ivi Brown is a hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer. She would like very much to work with the transgender community. She is currently a graduate student (as of 9/9/2014) in the social work school. Contact her if you are interested in her services (she prefers text messages).

Cheryl Piquard

Laser & Electrolysis Studio, Inc.

1513 W. Koenig Lane
Austin, TX 78756

(512) 459-6353

Cheryl Piquard is a true friend to the TG/TS Community. She is professional, discreet, and very understanding of TG/TS needs. Highly recommended and used by many in the local trans community.

Lynny Jackson

Lynny Jackson

(512) 649-6548

Lynny is an English acting coach and speech consultant, specializing in voice work to adjust voices or speech problems.  For 30 years Lynny has worked with attorneys, politicians, and actors who want to learn new skills, as well as transgender men and women who wish to feel more comfortable with their ability to have a speaking voice in sync with how they present themselves.  Discretion is paramount - contact Lynny for more information.

Lisa Walling, Independent Beauty Consultant

Lisa Walling

(512) 680-5082

Lisa is a consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, with 35 years of experience with Mary Kay and has worked with TG crossdressers in the past. She loves the opportunity to teach someone something that makes them smile when they look in the mirror. She has a private studio for individual appointments and can also cater a private event for a group. Her fees are very reasonable and include a color cosmetic set to take home. Pretty is her passion!

Changes in staffing of a business often bring about changes in attitudes and we'd like to know if you encounter any problems at any of these businesses. Send an e-mail to our website administrator

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