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Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants

Unfortunately, there are not many places in the Central Texas area that welcome us. We have identified a couple of restaurants that accept us, though there may be some customers giving a second glance. If you're able to pass 100%, then you won't have a problem anywhere. But if you're concerned about being "read," you probably ought to stick with the ones we've listed below.


Bouldin Creek Café 

1900 South First 
Austin, Texas 78704 
Phone: (512) 416-1601 

This restaurant was suggested as a safe place to go. Per the owner: "Come check us out! We have many trans, queer, gender queer, and ally members on our staff family. Open until midnight every day!"

The Magnolia Cafe 

2304 Lake Austin Blvd

Austin, Texas

The Lake Austin Boulevard location is only slightly more upscale than the one south (1920 South Congress; 445-0000). Both have the aura of a 50's diner and serve the same sort of quasi-healthy food. Our experience has been that there are always people "in costume" though that may not necessarily be drag style.

Kerbey Lane Cafe  

12602 Research Blvd. 

Austin, Texas

Some have gone for late night eats (after the bars close) and were treated very nicely. One person shared that they went there as a group of eight and got a snide remark from a guy who passed their table, but the waitress seemed delighted to have them. Another shared that, with two of them, they were still treated courteously and the staff seemed deligthed. 

The address above is for the Northwest location. It's almost directly across from Texas Instruments on Route 183. Kerbey Lane has two other locations, but suspect that the same attitude would hold true for those as well.

Kerbey Lane Central, the original location, at 3704 Kerbey Lane, just off of West 38th street (near Seton Hospital) is usually the most crowded, especially late at night. Kerbey Lane South, at 2700 South Lamar is in "Bubba-land." Nuff said?

Bars & Clubs


None to list here at this time. 'Bout Time was a friendly TG club but has since closed. If there are other friendly bars and clubs, send an e-mail to our website administrator

Personnel changes often bring about changes in attitudes and we'd like to know if you encounter any problems at any of these businesses. Send an e-mail to our website administrator

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