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Places of Worship

The places of worship listed here have asserted themselves as welcoming of transgendered people, and at least one CTTGS member has visited them and found this to be true. If you visit a church, temple, or synagogue that fits this, please let us know so we can list them here. Also let us know if you have a bad experience with any of the churches, temples, or synagogues listed here.

Trinity United Methodist Church

Austin, TX 78751


(512) 459-5835 (Office)
(512) 467-9611 (Fax)

From a member of the community: 


"Several have been to this church, and it is no exaggeration to say this church really is accepting of transgendered folks. If you need a spiritual home and you are drawn to Christianity, try this congregation! When I went, it was my first experience with presenting as female at church. I took a deep breath and went in where I was warmly greeted and immediately felt at ease.

Since then, a couple of years have passed, and the congregation here has supported me with prayer and friendship as I have been on my transtition journey. My heart is deeply grateful for this place.

The one thing I will note here is that the mainstream Methodist Church does not yet fully subscribe to the inclusiveness that "reconciling" congregations such as this one practice. One of the ongoing struggles is to influence the larger church to reform itself in this matter."

The Gathering Place Worship Center

7801 N. Lamar
Building F, Suite 25
Austin, TX 78752

(Located at "The Centre", SE Corner of N. Lamar and Hwy. 183)

(512) 323-9501 (Office)
(512) 323-9501 (Fax)

From a member of the community:


"I went to this church a couple weeks in a row, taking my girlfriend the second week, and the spirit here moved us to tears of joy. We felt strongly that we were with our true brothers and sisters! The worship style is alive with music and praise. The church advertises itself as a place to worship, a place to ask questions and grow, and a place to be loved for who you are! We found this to be true.


If you went to the Pride Parade and Festival events, you may have seen these folks wearing their "EVERYDAY PEOPLE" T-shirts.


This church is supported only by the Christ Spirit, with no larger organization controlling it."

We'd like to know if you encounter any problems at any of these places of worship. Send an send e-mail to our website administrator

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