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Listings of local and national TG resources (support groups, web sites, etc.) and local businesses (shops, services, etc.) 

Here are some good books for learning more about transgender people and issues. This is, of course, an incomplete list.

This list of resources includes local support groups, web pages, and various TG-related organizations.

You can feel comfortable shopping at any of these places. We've checked them out and found them to be very polite and courteous.

Here's a list of people and business catering to the specific needs of the TG community--make-up and hair, electrolysis, nails, photography, etc.

Here's a list of therapists, doctors, and other healthcare providers our members have experience with in the Austin area, and remote locations when no one in Austin provides the service.

If you're able to pass 100% you won't have a problem anywhere, but if you're concerned about being "read," you probably ought to stick with these.

Provides helpful information for employers.

The religious organizations listed here identify themselves as "accepting" or "reconciling" of transgender people, and at least one of our members has personally visited and found this to be true.

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